Cesar’s latest work

Busy and buzzing!

Last week the Garden was busy and buzzing! We had Enzo working with us and it was a great experience. I got inked by him and the tattoo simply kicks ass! He will come back in a few months so stay tuned as he only stay for a few days…
Tattoo Freeze was a nice show to work on. Was good to see some familiar faces and also some customers showing up to say hello wearing the shop’s t-shirts! What a nice surprise…

This year just started and we are all doing some cool pieces already. Keep on with the good ideas folks!


Tattoo Freeze

I hope everyone is excited as I am about Tattoo Freeze. We all have cool tattoos booked for the show but we also still have some free time. Contact the shop If you would like to get a cool piece there.

As you already know Enzo will be guesting at the shop on the 10-12th January and then we all go together to Telford.

We are doing advertising again in some tattoo magazines. Does anyone seen the adds?

I also want to wish a great 2013 to all our customers and friends!

I hope to see you all this year. Even just for a pint. 


Cesar’s new tattoos

Cesar’s new work

Tattoos by Cesar

Tattoo Freeze 2013

Hi! Everybody enjoying the weather? I do! I love this :)

Everybody got it’s Christmas presents yet? We are planning to have some gift vouchers this year, so you can buy them and give it to someone that wants a tattoo! What do you think?

Also, next month the Body Garden Tattoo crew will be at Tattoo Freeze in Telford. It is a one day event on 13th of January 2013. There will be bands, photography exibition, body painting and of course, tattoos! We still have space available, you only need to contact the shop if you want to get tattooed at the show. Make sure you come to have a nice and fun Sunday!

Have a merry Christmas and a great new year!

Cesar De Cesaro