Enzo’s new dates

 Vincenzo Barbareschi will be guest

at Body Garden Tattoo on 30-31 of May and 1st of June.

If you want some japanese style or a cool neo-traditional tattoo give us a bell to book your appointment.

It is not every day that we receive in the shop someone important like Willard Wigan.
Willard came to give moral support to a friend in her first tattoo.
The first time he came to the shop he was looking for information for his own tattoo, but is still working up the courage. Maybe soon Sir!
Willard is a big fan of UFC and every time he comes to the shop we talk about the last fights!
And if you still do not know who Sir Willard Wigan is, he is the creator of the world’s smallest sculptures. Are you thinking they are small? Well dude, they’re much smaller than that! Check out his stuff. It is mind blowing!

Check out his work by clicking the link




New guest artist in May

We’ll have the brilliant artist Pippa Parlett coming to join us for a week. From the 1st of May until the 7th, Pippa will be doing some nice and delicate black and grey work, also portraits. So, if you have an idea for a lovely b&g tattoo contact us to make your booking.

You can check Pippa’s facebook page and loads more pictures of her work clicking on the link below:


pippa parlett body garden tattoo guest artist

pippa parlett body garden tattoo guest artist (4)pippa parlett body garden tattoo guest artist (3)pippa parlett body garden tattoo guest artist (2)

Cesar’s latest work

Busy and buzzing!

Last week the Garden was busy and buzzing! We had Enzo working with us and it was a great experience. I got inked by him and the tattoo simply kicks ass! He will come back in a few months so stay tuned as he only stay for a few days…
Tattoo Freeze was a nice show to work on. Was good to see some familiar faces and also some customers showing up to say hello wearing the shop’s t-shirts! What a nice surprise…

This year just started and we are all doing some cool pieces already. Keep on with the good ideas folks!